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About Us

Mary Jewellery has been an established space for your jewellery supply needs for nearly four decades. We’ve done more face to face transactions than we care to count, but it is time to grow to better meet our client’s needs. We are working hard to make our many products available to our clients, both new and repeat. Ordering online will boost your productivity and make your creativity more efficient. No need to go into the store to order the things you need. When you’re running low on supplies, just hop online.

To ensure our clients receive the best service, items will be visible, but you will need to create and sign in to your free account to view prices. Mary Jewellery is for jewellery industry professionals and students of the trade. This isn’t a hobbyist or public shopping resource. By maintaining exclusivity, we can keep your costs down, which means your profits are higher.

From stunning settings and classic findings to gorgeous professional packaging, you’ll find what you’re looking for! With over 100,000 SKU numbers and product variations, you know that Mary’s has everything you need to run your Jewellery business. Mary’s started in 1981 as a business venture and collaboration of three brothers, together, they have followed a drive to to build a business that our clients are proud to work with.